Development of the anchoring clamps « PA FO 200 » for fiber optic cable Ø 4 to 10 mm and suspension clamps “PSB FO” for fiber optic cable Ø 4 to 6 mm

The old versatile range of clamps for Fig-8 and ADSS cable has been developped towards a dedicated segment for fiber optic ADSS cables

 Longer and more surrounding clamping jaws allow to reach optimized performances for the new generation ADSS cables

 Reduce the compressive stress on the cables

 Improved performance of the “cable/clamp” couple in severe climatic conditions (warm climates)

 Range available in 3 models:


Based on the success of the suspension clamp PSB FO D 5-8, MALICO has developed the range with the clamp PSB FO D 4-6 for ADSS cable Ø 4 to 6 mm

For more details, please consult the data sheet by clicking on the link: Data sheet PSB FO D 4-6