A new solution to install fiber optic cable coils on poles.

SM-CI innovates with a new product which allows to manage coils of aerial fiber optic cable.The coiling device MALICOIL allows to make cable storage coils or blocking coils which are loops realized precisely at the size corresponding to the minimum static bending radius of the cable to block the cable structure and to avoid the piston effect that damages fibers into splicing boxes.

Thanks to a variable geometry system MALICOIL allows the length adjustment of each branch during installation to improve the coiling device performance, and the aesthetic result.
Manufactured in aluminium alloy, the MALICOIL is robust and lightweight. Its installation is easy and quick. The 4 sliding branches are locked by tightening 4 nuts. The round profile of the aluminium branches have been designed to avoid damaging the cable sheath.
The product range is proposed in 3 sizes MALICOIL-S, MALICOIL-M et MALICOIL-L to fit with a large range of cables diameter from  6,75 to 24 mm.
An optional bracket (BRB) is very useful to fasten a splice enclosure on the MALICOIL coiling device.

MALICOIL is an essential product to secure aerial fiber optic cable networks.
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