Discover our new 2021 edition of the “Overhead TELECOM network accessories” catalog available on the homepage.

This edition has been enriched with new products such as:

  • a range of spiral suspension devices for round ADSS drop cables and network cables from 4 to 15 mm, reference SS FO B… (pages 13 and 28)
  • a range of anchoring clamp plastic body for FTTH ADSS main cable from 10 to 16 mm, for span <100 m, reference PA FO 400 D … (page 16)
  • an “universal crossarm « 8-holes », reference SEMT8 and its elastomer protection pad, reference PPC (page 49)
  • a drop anchoring plate, reference FET (page 50)
  • an universal bracket for twin crossarms, reference SEM CU FO (page 51).